Staff Comments

Image of the Opal Cave shop at Lightning Ridge

Opal Cave Staff

Anybody who denigrates Sandy and Herman does attack our integrity and honesty as well.

We strongly object to it. We also object to the fact that there is no way to legally stop anybody spreading filth on the internet.

As a senior employee of the Opal Cave, with about 15 years of service, I have earnt the right to express my opinion of Sandy and Herman Kreller.

I find them to be honest, hard working, fair, generous and considerate in their daily lives not only with customers but their staff as well. One lady had worked here for 18 years until her retirement

At the Opal Cave we provide "good old-fashioned service", which explains that about 70% of our turn-over is repeat business. It is always good to see our customers return.

It is an honour and privilege to be part of this great team and not a day goes by that I haven't enjoyed getting up to go to work.

I have been a member of the Opal Cave family for some time now. I have never met two more genuine, honest and trustworthy people than Herman and Sandy. They give their staff and customers their all.

I have the privilege of working for them.

Four years ago I joined the Opal Cave team under the management of my amazing bosses Herman and Sandy Kreller. From day one I have been impressed with the level of service and education that customers experience at the Opal Cave.

This is credit to Herman and Sandy who between them have 80 years' experience in the opal industry. Their integrity and professionalism have earnt them a business built on trust, loyalty and service.

I love going to work